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Is your teen suffering from emotional difficulties?
Are social and school pressures causing your teenager to act out?
Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy
Adolescent Therapy
The adolescent years are naturally volatile. This time in your child’s life is filled with challenges, confusions and difficult choices. It is a period of significant change (sexual,

physical, emotional, and behavioral).

Problems in these years can adversely affect the entire course of your child's future. Even teenagers from

functional families must grapple with pressure from peers; insecurities about competency, body image and attractiveness to others; pressures to experiment with drugs, alcohol, and sex; and issues involved with the beginnings of adult identity formation.

Sometimes an objective ear is helpful. Counseling teens requires particular skills and patience; not all therapists can work with this age group.

I know how to create an environment of trust and safety where teenagers can explore their feelings, express themselves freely and find out who they are. In my experience working with teens, I have found that therapy can effectively address many of the issues that teenagers face today. This process can lessen the chaos in the home and give your teen the tools to grow and succeed. They may improve their academic performance, reduce their risk-taking, and communicate better with you.

Let's discuss the problems that are concerning you and your teen. Call today to make an appointment.
Therapy for teens, teenagers, teen girls, adolescents. Psychotherapy, counseling.
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Therapy for teens, teenagers, teen boys, adolescents. Psychotherapy, counseling.