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Scott Sabath, MFT
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Individual Therapy
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Couples Therapy
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Relationships can be the origin of our greatest growth, yet can also be the source of our greatest challenges. Differences that you once found endearing in your partner may become issues of conflict after awhile. Sometimes outside events can trigger problems in a relationship. You may reach a point where the resentment you feel towards one another overshadows your love for each other.

Couples therapy can reverse this process and allow the warmth of the relationship to re-emerge. I can help you learn to hear each other with more empathy, and develop better communication skills. We may discover hidden, underlying issues that are causing arguments and conflicts. As we work on resolving these undercurrents it becomes easier to deal with the surface issues.

I have training in several Couples Therapy methods, and I choose the methods that best suit the couple I am working with. Unlike some therapists, I am not afraid to work with openly expressed conflict between partners in therapy. I am equally prepared to work with couples who are more reserved in the way they communicate. I work with couples of all types, and I deeply respect differences in personal backgrounds and values.

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Every person has the potential for emotional growth. You can conquer your pain and sadness. I will help you develop new, more successful methods to handle the difficult issues you are
dealing with. I may help you find strengths that you didnít know you had. We may also discover how earlier events in your life are impacting your current situation.

You are a unique individual. You have your own path of growth and your own set of challenges. In therapy, I will deeply respect your feelings about your life and your situation. I am an empathetic and caring therapist. Clients have told me that I have a gift for putting myself in their shoes and really feeling what they feel. I will strive to do this as I apply my professional skills and experience to your unique situation.

I will tailor my approach to fit your needs. There is more than one method to use in therapy, and I draw upon many therapeutic techniques. At different times, we may use different techniques, depending on what is most useful at the time. In addition to traditional talking therapy, you have the optional choice of trying some expressive therapy techniques, such as the use of drawings and art, or Sand Tray Therapy, or other imaginative exercises. These can make therapy fun and creative, and can bring out new ideas and emotional experiences that were not accessed in conversation.
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I use Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) to help you heal from painful traumatic experiences, whether the trauma occurred early in life or more recently. These techniques work rapidly, and can provide deep and lasting relief from the multiple effects of trauma on your emotions, your behavior, and your relationships. The amount of anxiety and agitation you feel about the trauma can be dramatically reduced.

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