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Scott Sabath, MFT
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Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy
About the Therapist
Hello. Iím Scott Sabath, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California. I work with both adults and kids. I obtained my Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology degree at Antioch University in Los Angeles, with a special Certification in Child Studies.

I have extensive experience working with teenage youth in several adolescent facilities as well as in private settings. Since 2000, I have worked extensively with kids and their families in schools, foster homes, residential facilities, community mental health centers, and in private practice. I also have special training in the treatment of adolescents and children, some of which was provided by the Violet Oaklander Institute in Santa Barbara, California.
I also provide psychotherapy to adults and couples on a variety of issues, as well as to younger children.
A Male Role Model
Some teens do not have a positive relationship with an adult male in their lives. Both boys and girls, at a variety of ages, have a great need for a good male influence for balanced, healthy emotional development, and success in future relationships with men. Some of the kids I have worked with have had fathers who are incarcerated, deceased, or are absent for some other reason. Some have had fathers who are a negative influence on them.

I provide an accepting, caring experience as a positive male role model which, in addition to the psychotherapy process itself, can be very beneficial to youth in these situations.

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